The lead author of this site is Jesus Christ who is our Creator, Lord and Savior, regardless of whether or not we acknowledge this fact in our lives. Jesus left the throne of heaven where His perfect creations were offering to Him continual praise, glory, honor and worship. He came to earth not to be served as the King but to serve humanity and to pay the price for our sins. God, the Son Jesus did this because He loved us and because He is love.

His public ministry lasted about 3 and a half years and consisted mostly of healing people and teaching people about God the Father and His kingdom. All of Jesus’ ways were perfect and He was the Lamb without spot or blemish who gave His life as payment and sacrifice for our sins so that all who accept Him may live eternally. Jesus Christ gained victory over death through His resurrection and is currently acting as our one and only mediator in the heavenly sanctuary. Mediating for us and reconciling us to God the Father.

In the fullness of time Jesus will return to lead His people to the place that He is now preparing for them. Growth in Christ leads to everlasting life, join me in this growth and give Him the glory and honor that He rightfully deserves.

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