Free Christian Sunset Background Luke 11: 13

In Luke chapter 11 verses 1 through 13, Jesus teaches His disciples how to pray and explains aspects of prayer through examples or parables.

Jesus compares parents to God. Parents who are imperfect and sinful provide to their children the things that they request.

Jesus asks us to call on God, the Father through faith-filled prayer. Parents love their children but God’s love is greater, fuller and deeper for us.

In our prayers we are to ask for the Holy Spirit. Are we to ask for anything else? Ask yourself what would Jesus ask for if He were in your place and then request that in your prayer.

God gives to us not for our selfish fulfilment but to share the gifts with others. In this way we glorify God and are vessels of blessing to others. Of course by providing to others, we benefit as well.

The kingdom of God operates in the exact opposite way that this sinful world operates.

Luke 11: 13 Christian desktop background

Preparing for the soon return of Jesus Christ, praise our Lord,



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