Saved from death by Jesus only

The penalty for disobeying God’s law, the ten commandments or in other words sinning is death. We can be saved from this outcome as we are told in Acts 4, verse 12. We are saved by our faith in Jesus.

God gave Adam the right to rule over this world just after He created it. Both Adam and Eve were tricked into disobeying God and as a result they lost this world to the deceiver. As well both were now subject to death along with all of us.

Jesus, God himself paid the penalty for all of our sins by dieing on the cross. Not only did Jesus die for us but he took back ownership of this world and overcame death through his resurrection. One day soon, all those that have faith in Jesus will be reunited with Him and live eternally without fear of sin nor death.

Acts 4: 12 Christian wallpaper

praise our Lord,


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