God’s saving grace

Jesus, God himself came and lived on this earth to save us from the consequences of sin. First He looked after people’s needs and then He taught them about the kingdom of God. In John 12 Jesus goes on to say that He didn’t come to judge the people who don’t practice what He preaches, rather to save them.

Jesus reached out to the prostitute Mary Magdalene. How many of us would assist someone like that? He allowed Peter an uneducated fisherman to be His disciple knowing that Peter would deny and abandon Him is his time of need. Jesus gave Judas, the one that would betray Him, every opportunity to change his decision.

How many times do I end up making judgements about people and acting based on those judgements. Lord forgive me and instill in me your character.

John 12: 46  Christian wallpaper

praise our Lord,


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