Generous acts come from God

I strongly urge you to read James 1 today, since it contains many great thoughts, that when applied in our lives will bring much benefit. James 1: 17 reminds me of a verse found in Isaiah which says that all of our righteous acts are like filthy rags. We’re so lost in sin that even when we do something good, in God’s eyes we are still filthy. This idea reminds us how we are so much in need of God and the assistance that He offers to us.

If we rely on God and do something good or if we are generous to others and give credit to Him, then that is a good and perfect gift from above. Don’t do something good that you can bring attention and credit to yourself rather live as God intended. Do something good and give credit, praise and glory to God. Lord assist me daily with this.

James 1: 17  Christian wallpaper

praise our Lord,


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