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And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” (NIV) Jesus’ public ministry began with his baptism and this serves as an example for us. Internally we may come to know and love Jesus Christ. Outwardly or publicly we show our commitment to Him through our baptism. We continue to prove and show our faith through our actions in submission and in obedience to Him. One day perhaps we will hear those words personally from Jesus. You are my sons and daughters, whom I love and with you I am  [ Read More ]

The gift that I am given What do I do with it? Do I use it or do I abuse it? The gift that I am given How do I handle it? With great care or frivolous flair? The gift that I am given Who will use it? Do I share it or selfishly keep it? The gift that I am given How do I use it? Do I use it to assist all others, Or just my friends, family and brothers? The gift that I am given How valuable is it? Is its value difficult to assess, Or is  [ Read More ]

My First Study Bible Overall the book is nicely done. The illustrations should inspire a youngster’s imagination and cause them to think about what they’ve read. Adults may think that the pictures are a little too cartoon-like though. The writing flows but some difficult words can be found in the text and the writing should be a little more accurate in places. Often difficult words are explained in a separate box on the page. Background information is given on each book of the Bible along with an introduction of one person from that book. Each story ends with something your  [ Read More ]