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Give thanks unto the LORD, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people. It is very encouraging to hear stories of how God has worked in various people’s lives. To me His work is absolutely amazing. We have many examples through the biblical record and among our brothers and sisters today. Even when reading non believer biographies I see God’s providence. I realize that no one will have the excuse that they didn’t know about God. May you receive the courage that you need to tell others how God has been personally involved in your life. Preparing  [ Read More ]

The gift that I am given What do I do with it? Do I use it or do I abuse it? The gift that I am given How do I handle it? With great care or frivolous flair? The gift that I am given Who will use it? Do I share it or selfishly keep it? The gift that I am given How do I use it? Do I use it to assist all others, Or just my friends, family and brothers? The gift that I am given How valuable is it? Is its value difficult to assess, Or is  [ Read More ]

How do we know whether or not someone is walking with the Lord? Do they love others? If I love all people not only my friends then I’m walking with the Lord, the Holy Spirit is dwelling within me and love is being perfected within me. praise our Lord, Dennis