Free Christian wallpapers, and backgrounds.

It seems that many of you prefer Christian graphics and desktop wallpaper, and I enjoy creating the graphics as well. I’ve chosen six Bible verses from Corinthians, Joshua, Philippians, Psalms and Revelation. The verses are paired up with photos that range from landscapes to abstract graphics. Again, by clicking on the photo the full image will be displayed which then you can save to your computer and use as desktop wallpaper. praise our Lord, Dennis

The book of Ecclesiastes was written by arguably the second most intelligent man that ever lived. King Solomon’s wisdom was given to him by God. Solomon wrote this book later in his life after much experience. Although, for me this book of the Bible is dark, there are quite a few lessons to be learned from its content. Being able to enjoy what God has given to you is definitely a gift from Him. Let’s not forget to give credit to Him on a daily basis. praise our Lord, Dennis

King David who slew Goliath, wrote many chapters in the book of Psalms and did much good also had times that dishonored God. Similar with us today. We have good intentions but we fail and give in to the temptations and challenges that we face. Although we may turn away from God, he is merciful, forgiving and patient. He asks us to come to him just as we are and he’s willing to work with us in order to turn our lives around. He is our mighty rock and refuge. praise our Lord, Dennis